Sometimes we wish we could keep this one to ourselves.

Don't you just love the United States? We truly are the melting pot. We boast unique people, foods, traditions, states and brands. After seeing a list of the most recognizable logos and iconic brands, I got to thinking about which logos are unique to us. I wanted to know which brands are the most iconic in our neck of the woods.

Luckily there is a list for literally everything on the Internet.

Insider posted a list of the Most Iconic Brand From Every State. These are things that were either invented or have headquarters in each state and have become national brands. So which brand have we released into the wild with rave reviews?

Taco John's.

We'll never trust someone who doesn't love Taco John's. It started in Cheyenne and is easily a favorite in the Cowboy State. Although we are super excited watching our favorite taco fix expand, it would be nice to keep all of that goodness for ourselves. It's hard enough to share those Potato Oles with your spouse, let alone the world.

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