The Never Flinch 5K Walk/Run & 10K Walk/Run will be on May 25th in Laramie as part of the city's Memorial Day weekend festivities.

According to Kathleen Burns, Event Coordinator, the event will begin at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, May 25th at Undine Park on the corner of 5th st. and Ord st. Burns says all pre-registration orders are $25.00 per person and $30.00 for any day of registration which will be at 7:30 a.m. on the Saturday morning of the event. Burns says "Pre-registration forms can be filled out at various locations in Laramie such as Brown & Gold, Cross Country Connections, ACPE, Laramie Plains Federal Credit Union or you can go to our never flinch facebook page or our never flinch website."

Burns says "the purpose of the event is to raise some money to help former UW football player Weston Johnson with the cost that he's incurring for his treatment with melanoma." Burns adds "all the proceeds go to Weston as we are also selling Never Flinch T-Shirts and Bracelets as well". Burns also stated "I went to high school with Weston and he's such a great guy as he battles something as tough as this so I know I wanted to do my best to show my support for him and his family."

According to the website, the 5K Run/Walk will be going along Sheridan St. through Washington Park then along 21st st. and then Russell back eventually making its way back home to Undine St. The 10K Run/Walk will go through Garfield st. and Sheridan st. and then go along Spring Creek Dr. hitting 17th street and eventually making its way back to Undine St. All maps are on their exclusive website.

Burns wanted to emphasize, "that all the proceeds go to Weston and all ages are welcome to participate in the event so please bring your little ones, cousins, cribs, and strollers out for this occasion."

For more information and specific details on the event, you can log onto their exclusive website.

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