A bill that would prohibit Wyoming legislators from being paid wages as public employees for any day in which they receive a legislative salary has been filed in the Wyoming Legislature.

Senate File 77 reads as follows:

  A member of the legislature who is also a public employee shall not receive payment of wages as a public employee during any period for which the member receives salary for a legislative working day or for a committee workday as provided in paragraph (e)(ii) of this section. This subsection shall not prohibit the accrual of other benefits resulting from employment as a public employee. This subsection shall not apply to the extent that the member's public employee wages were earned through the use of accrued annual leave or other compensatory leave during the same time period. As used in this subsection, "public employee" means as defined in W.S. 1‑39‑103(a)(iv) except for any person who is only considered a public employee because the person is a member of the legislature.

The bill is sponsored by Sens. James, Bouchard, French, McKeown and Salazar and Representative(s) Bear, Burt, Fortner, Laursen, Ottman, Rodriguez-Williams. and Wharff.


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