Many people do not want to think about their home being burglarized. Such a crime can result in the theft of items or even a violent crime.

The Laramie Police Department would like to provide a few tips on how to better protect family and property.

  • Lock doors and windows. While Laramie is a safe place to live residents do still experience crime. This is a simple thing to do and takes less than a second.
  • Make sure exterior lights are in good operating order. This provide for natural surveillance and helps officers respond quickly to the residence if house numbers are lit during dark hours.
  • Consider a security system. This could include an alarm system, video surveillance, or both. Conduct research before purchasing to be sure the best equipment for your needs is obtained.
  • If going on vacation, have someone stop by to pick up the mail or newspaper. Burglars can see the newspapers piling up, and may take advantage.
  • When you are on vacation, consider getting a vacation house watch form from the Records Department located at 420 Ivinson St. This form can be filled out and given to the Laramie Police Department for extra patrol.
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