Police Department

Laramie PD Looking for Suspects Regarding Stolen License
The Laramie Police Department has posted a statement on Facebook asking for people to identify two women who used a stolen Wyoming Drivers License to cash a check in Utah. Please see the post below for more details and who to call if you know or can identify these women...
Threat Investigation Process
Stalder spoke with Laramie Live to talk about the process the LPD uses to investigate threats such as the recent incidents at Laramie Middle School and Laramie High School.
Vandalism arrest
One person has been arrested for vandalism and littering after the Laramie Police Department and University of Wyoming PD received reports of vandalism on Monday night.
Intrusion Suspect Charged
A man accused of breaking into college dorms in New Jersey and groping young women as they slept has been linked by DNA to a similar incident at The University of Wyoming.

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