As 2011 comes to a close, we took some time to reflect on everything that's happened in the past twelve months. To help you do the same, here is a look at the ten best stories of 2011.

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    Laramie Struck by Tragic Accident on New Years

    The year got off to a somber start with the death of Andrew Hammond. Authorities later came to the conclusion that his death was due to many contributing factors, including severe cold, alcohol and drugs that claimed a life at the very beginning of 2011.

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    ABC's 'Modern Family' Comes to Wyoming [PHOTOS] [VIDEOS]

    One of the most popular comedies on television made a pit stop in Wyoming to film their season premiere and we were more than happy to have them! The Wyoming Tourism Board estimates that the state benefited in over $500,000 is publicity from the shows visit.

  • Wyoming Highway Patrol
    Wyoming Highway Patrol

    Four Dead After Heavy Rains Washout Wyo 130 [PHOTOS]

    With such an inflated snowpack across Wyoming, flooding was to be expected, but no one could have anticipated the flash flood that ripped away a section of Snowy Range Road and claimed a mother and her three daughters while the family was evacuating their campsite. This loss to the Constantinides was felt deeply in Laramie, as the father, Dr. Alex, grew up here and still has family in the area.

  • Wyoming Highway Patrol
    Wyoming Highway Patrol

    Man Killed on I-80 When Truck Part Crashes Through Windshield

    This freak accident took everyone by surprise. As a semi-trailer was driving over the summit, it's drive shaft came lose and struck a vehicle that was in the process of passing, taking the Antoine Dean.

  • Mike Gray
    Mike Gray

    Nebraska Cornhuskers Defeat Wyoming Cowboys 38-14, Laramie Overflows with Fans

    For the first time ever, the Nebraska Cornhuskers came to Laramie to meet the Wyoming Cowboys on the gridiron. This event was the biggest the Gem City has seen in a while and the arrival of fans for both teams actually doubled the population of Laramie.

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    Casey Anthony Look-a-Like Attacked in Oklahoma

    After Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her young daughter, it was a bad time to have any resemblance to the infamous mother. One such doppelganger was rammed by another vehicle, causing hers to flip, because someone thought she was "trying to hurt babies". It probably doesn't help that this innocent look-a-like happens to have a daughter named Caylee.

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    Getty Images

    Helicopter Crash Casualties Most Costly for SEAL Team Six

    The largest loss of life in the history of SEAL Team Six occurred in August when insurgents shot down a U.S. military helicopter with a rocket propelled grenade in eastern Afghanistan, killing 30 American service members.


    Outbreak of Horse Herpes Forces Utah Rodeo to Use Stick Ponies [VIDEOS]

    While equine herpes was a very serious matter involving mandates from state veterinarians and horses being quarantined, there was one story that was flat out hilarious. Because of the fear of the disease spreading in Utah, some junior rodeo queens were forced to show their stuff with stick ponies. Yes, stick ponies.

  • @dwighthoward, Twitter
    @dwighthoward, Twitter

    Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas Go On Planking Spree [PHOTOS]

    I know, Tebowing is the new planking, but back when the NBA lockout first started, planking was all the rage. And a couple of bored players used their extra time to entertain us with pictures of some pretty unusual locations for planking.

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    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    Flooding Along the Mississippi River [PHOTOS]

    There seemed to be natural disasters across the country this year and these photos of the flooding that took place in Mississippi were certainly captivating.