Local busniess owner, Katrina Cox, is running for House District 14.

She is running to "represent and protect Albany County and Wyoming interests – with Western Grit, this means bucking the leadership of my own party if necessary."

Katrina is originally from North West Iowa, and has been living in Albany County for over 20 years. She obtained a teaching degree from the University of Wyoming.

She states

"I understand the challenges and tenacity it takes to grow a business in hard times. Our state has taken a one-two punch. Lagging revenue from coal, oil,and gas has hurt our state coffers, and the COVID-19 crisis will take time for recovery...

I understand that small business are hurting, and I have been burdened with three empty brick and mortar stores for over three months. New ideas over this crisis has helped salvaged my business, and fresh ideas is what this state needs for recovery."

She has served on the board of Laramie Chamber of Commerce for 3 years, now Laramie Chamber Business Alliance with emphasis on small business. She was past PTA President at Linford Elementary, and Laramie Junior High, Past President of the Laramie Girls Basketball Booster Club, and I continue to volunteer for Kiwanis (12 years).

You can learn more about her campaign by following the link here. You can contact her at (307) 760-8869 or kat4wyorep@gmail.com.

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