There was a slight delay in getting the supplemental budget bill to the governor for consideration after lawmakers discovered a glitch in the bill. Senator Eli Bebout, co-chairman of the Joint Appropriations Committee says it was language error in the area of the budget that dealt with teacher salary increases.

The amount under the one percent and trying to pro-rate it, it was simply a language error...

The Wyoming House voted 60-0 to correct the mistake and the Wyoming Senate voted 29-1. The bill then headed to the governor for his consideration.

Representative Ruth Ann Petroff says for the most part she's happy with the budget but was a little disappointed there wasn't additional money for tourism.

And rather than put a spotlight on tourism, we decided to let the budget go...

Petroff says she does agree that the state needs to curb spending.

Senator Stan Cooper says while he's not sure what they actually accomplished because along with budget cuts, they spent money as well. cooper says he is pleased they were able to restore some funding for senior centers around the state.

Senior centers provide a real service to people who are elderly, if we can keep them out of nursing homes..the better off they are...

The House voted to concur with Senate changes to one of two education accountability bills, house bill 72. That bill now goes to Governor Matt Mead for his signature. A second education accountability bill passed Committee of the Whole in the Senate today. Senator Hank Coe, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, says the bill changes some of the deadlines set in last year's education accountability bill, that were not met.

 I have a lot of faith in Dr. Rose, you know it's a big issue...

Wyoming voters will decide whether to amend the state constitution to allow nonresidents to serve on the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees. Governor Matt Mead signed a resolution that the legislature passed last week. The proposal will be put to a statewide vote in the 2014 general election.

Governor Mead also signed a bill into law that will allow the use silencers on firearms for all types of hunting. mead signed the bill on Monday and the law will go into effect in July. The federal government regulates silencers and 39 states allow civilian ownership of them. Wyoming joins 27 other states that allow their use for hunting.

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