Muddy and cool conditions didn't deter the competitors in the Junior Bull Riding of Laramie Jubilee Days Wednesday.

Belt Buckles were handed out in five of the six divisions at the Albany County Fairgrounds.

Three of the champions hail from Laramie. Haizlee Gill was the first and only qualified ride in the Mutton Bustin division. Gill scored a 75. Tryan Gill won the Pee Wee Mini Bulls division. Gill actually had two rides because of a shortage of entrants. His second ride of 79 earned him the buckle. Kolten Moss captured the Juniors Division with a 72 point ride.

Moss said to win in his hometown,

"It feels really good. I've been trying for it at a really long time; been gettin' on a lot; trying my hardest, so it feels really good to finally get it won."

Moss added, "It was good little bull; pretty high jumps; he wasn't a real quick turn-backer or anything... bucked real hard, and I tried my hardest, got it done, so it worked out good."

Junior Bull Riding Results

Mutton Bustin (4-6 year olds, 6 second qualified rides)

Haizlee Gill, Laramie 75

Pee Wee Mini Bulls (8 year and under, 8 seconds)

Tryan Gill, Laramie 79

Kolton Bonenberger, Laramie, 76

Tryan Gill, Laramie 75

Junior Mini Bulls (11 years and under, 8 seconds)

Colton Lance, Golden, CO 72

Senior Mini Bulls (13 years and under, 8 seconds)

No qualified rides

Juniors (15 years and under, 8 seconds)

Kolten Moss, Laramie 72

Tommy Patrick, Loveland, CO 71

Seniors (19 years and under, 8 seconds)

Joe House, Cheyenne 77

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