Six buckles were handed out to the division champions of the Junior Bull Riding during Jubilee Days Wednesday night at the Albany Country Fairgrounds.

The top ride was an 86-point effort turned in by Eaton, CO cowboy Tyler Kippes in the Juniors Division, which is ages 15 years and under and a ride of eight seconds.

In the Senior Mini’s, Cheyenne’s River Mossberg won the buckle with a 78.

Junior Mini’s produced the most rides with four. Briggsdale, CO cowboy Jonathan Malavich captured that division with an 84. He beat out three other competitors with 80 or better scores.

Caden Kage of Johnstown, CO won the Mutton Bustin’ with a score of 80 points. She had the only qualified ride of six seconds.

Two divisions, the PeeWee Mini’s and the Seniors had no qualified rides. Buckles went to the rider with the best time.

PeeWee’s was won by Hoss Davis from Wellington, CO. He rode 5.5 seconds, which is just under the six second barrier.

Berthoud, CO cowboy Tommy Patrick just missed the mark in the Seniors at 7.72 seconds, but still took home the buckle.

There were a total of nine qualified rides out of 47 entries. Ten of the competitors were from the Laramie area.

Jr. Bull Riding results:

Mutton Bustin’ (4-6 years, 6 seconds)

1st place = Caden Kage, 80 points

PeeWee Mini’s (8 years & under, 6 seconds)

1st place = Hoss Davis, 5.5 seconds

Junior Mini’s (11 years & under, 6 seconds)

1st place = Jonathan Malavich, 84 points

2nd place = Clayton Lance, 83 points

3rd place = Tryan Gill, Laramie, 82 points

4th place = Justin Gale, 80 points

Senior Mini’s (13 years & under, 8 seconds)

1st place = River Mossberg, 78 points

Juniors (15 years & under, 8 seconds)

1st place = Tyler Kippes, 86 points

2nd place = Wyatt Phelps, 79 points

3rd place = Chase Strickland, Rock River, 78 points

Seniors (19 years & under, 8 seconds)

1st place = Tommy Patrick, 7.72 seconds

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