Parents in rural areas of Albany County School District No. 1 may be eligible to receive reimbursements for transportation and relocation costs. Public school students living three or more miles one-way from a school or bus route are eligible for reimbursement of transportation costs. Mileage will be calculated starting two miles from the student’s residence to the nearest bus stop, and starting two miles from the bus stop while being transported home. 

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For students or parents who drive themselves from rural locations, reimbursements still apply by calculating mileage starting two miles to and from the residence to the nearest bus stop, not all the way to school. 

For parents needing to relocate during the school year so their student can attend school, the district will pay part of the relocation expense. State law requires parents to sign a statement certifying their “ability to earn a substantial portion of (their) family income is directly related to and enhanced by the family residing in the isolated location to be considered for reimbursement for transportation or maintenance expenses. 

Applications for reimbursements must be completed each year. Parents must fill out the “Application for Transportation or Maintenance of Isolated Pupils” and submit it to the district by Wednesday, Sept. 6 to receive approval for the September Board of Education meeting. 

Wyoming law and the Wyoming Board of Education policies have made provisions for local boards of education to reimburse parents for these expenses.  Applications and additional information about this can be obtained by emailing the business office at or by calling Donella Romero at 307-721-4400.

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