Just a few generations ago the only way to get cross country was by horse, or walking.

With today's modern transportation, who would want to ride a horse cross country, and why?

Lisanne Fear of Sublette County Wyoming, that's who.

She recently took 5 wild mustangs cross country on the American Discovery Trail.

That's a long ride. It took her 14 months to go from Delaware to California.

Fear is a horse trainer.

She specializes in training wild horses.

The point of this trip was to raise awareness about wild horses in holding corrals across the country.

She grew up on a 55,000-acre cattle ranch in Wyoming.

Horses is what the family did for generations.

I am a firm believer in management. The roundups, unfortunately, they have to happen. And the helicopters, that's actually the safest way. It makes sense. You can't send a cowboy out on a horse and expect to outrun a completely wild, well-conditioned horse, you know, with, like, a 250-pound guy up there. There's just no way that that makes logical sense. And so that's how it is. (Interview Wyoming Public Media).

The idea is that in three years we will have enough programs that are adopting wild horses and working on getting them to mild, whether that's prison programs, veteran programs, student programs or collegiate programs, that we’re matching the number being rounded up every year. And so that's kind of leveling off the numbers because right now things have really been increasing. (Interview Wyoming Public Media).

Much of what happens with wild horses on Wyoming land is misunderstood.

That's a large part of what she is trying to do here, bring some understanding to the issues, and possible solutions.

Her entire journey is on YouTube at this link.

Find out more on the Mustang Discover Ride Facebook page.

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