I know there are a ton of studies that are all like, "Wyoming doesn't have people moving here" and those studies are wrong. What? Someone wrote something that may have stretched the facts or pandered to those that are happy it's not growing? True story.

In all seriousness, a study like this shows the level in which people are coming in and out. So, if we aren't losing residents, then we're not shrinking in size, like everyone's favorite state, California. The website Zippia decided to look into this some more.

This one was pretty simple. We used population data from the Census’ ACS. We simply calculated the difference between 2019 (the latest year data is available) and 2018.

e totaled the percent decrease or increase based on the total population. After all, a large state gaining a thousand residents will not be nearly as impactful as a small state losing a thousand residents.

The higher percent of new residents, the faster growing the state.

From there, we found out where the highest number of transplanted residents lived a year prior. We excluded foreign countries and abroad. However, it was a significant source of movement for all states in the top 10, with the exception of Idaho.

Looking around the Cowboy State, everyone seems to be moving to Idaho as they came in #1, our noisy neighbors to the south came in 6th, Utah 4th and Montana #15. Uh oh, looks like the mountain states are growing.

What about Wyoming? Well, we're not growing as fast as our neighbors, which is expected. We ranked in at #28. So, all things considered, we're right in the middle of the pack. People aren't flocking here or leaving, really. Which is what I alluded to earlier. So that just means we're a hidden gem, right?

Via Zippia
Via Zippia
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