LARAMIE -- AJ Blazek, we barely knew you.

Reports surfaced this morning that the Cowboys new offensive line coach -- less than a month into his stay at UW -- is leaving for the same position on Clark Lea's staff at Vanderbilt.

Craig Bohl confirmed that decision Wednesday afternoon.

"I can say that he had intentions to go to Vanderbilt and left. It was his intentions and that's what he told me," Wyoming's head coach said. "(Vanderbilt) hasn't announced it, but I'm not gonna skirt around an issue when I have the factual information that was told to me," Wyoming's head coach said. "So, I want to wish him well."

Blazek spent the past two seasons at Bohl's former school, North Dakota State, before accepting the job at UW on Jan. 4.

This is not new territory for Bohl, who lost another offensive line coach in February of 2019, little more than a month after accepting the job in Laramie. That man was Klayton Adams. He took a job with the Indianapolis Colts.

Bart Miller was hired less than a month later.

Miller, who coached the Cowboys' offensive line the past two seasons, accepted the same position at the University of Illinois in late December.

Now what?

"We're going to be very, very, timely, is a word I would like to use," Bohl said. "You know, we have moved spring football back longer than it's ever moved back, so that gives us a little bit more latitude.

"We have, I think, an excellent pool of candidates. We've we've done some phone interviews with those fellows. There's a handful I think early this next week, we'll be doing some Zooms with these guys. Then, in short order, we'll make an offer and hopefully, we have an acceptance. We're really excited about these candidates that we have right now."

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