Many have been here long enough to be called Wyomingites, or at least honarary Wyomingites. Where we grew up, however, may be a place far away. If you're one of us, did you ever run into someone from your old neck of the woods?

Recently at lunch, ironically at Steamboat's (What's more Wyoming than that), I was watching football on the bar big screens. A nice old couple came in and he asked if they could get the Saints game. Their accents sounded familiar, so I asked, "Can I assume you two are from somewhere in "Who-dat" land?" I wasn't expecting to hear, "Yes, Shreveport." I smiled, being from Longview, Texas. I didn't tell them we used to call Shreveport "just an East Texas town." Instead I blurted out, "Caddo Parrish!" ... It was on from there - and it was a hoot!

Caddo Parrish (county) is only about 10 miles to the border of Texas. I told them I grew up watching local Shreveport tv stations and listening to 71 KEEL. We even swapped a few legendary slogans of local advertisers that we could still remember, like, "You can afford a Hanna Ford."

I asked how long they had been in Wyoming ("Six years") and then I said, "Well I left for other parts much further back but I use to sound just like you, until I was broken of the word 'Y'all' in my first few months in Chicago." I can still revert back to that Texas sound at the drop of a cowboy hat and actually heard myself doing it while we chatted.

Of all the places I've lived, Wyoming is the state most like Texas, like these 5 Things the Cowboy State and the Lone Star State have in common:

1. One word: Cowboys.

2. Both states are huge. Texas even has two climates. Wyoming does too, kind of.

3. Both economies are oil and gas rich.

4. Both have a favorite vehicle - Pick-up trucks (and they may pack guns too).

5. Neither have state income tax.

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