Albany County and the City of Laramie are expecting the Laramie River system to flood due to snow melt. Chuck Murrieta, Emergency Management Grants Coordinator, said peak levels traditionally occur during the first or second week of June. Here are suggestions from Murrieta and the City of Laramie on how to prepare in advance for flooding.

-Have a 72-hour emergency kit-

This kit should contain 3 days worth of food and one gallon of water for each person per day. You should also include clothes, prescription drugs, a first aid kit, your cell phone charger and important family documents. More suggestions for an emergency kit can be found here.

-Move valuables to upper floors in your home-

If you have any personal or valuable items stored in basements or low-lying areas, now is the time to make sure they will not be lost or damaged. Remove them from their current location and store them on an upper floor until the threat of flooding has passed.

-Locate utility shutoffs-

Make sure you know where and how you can shut off all of your utilities (gas, electric, etc.).

-Gather pertinent insurance information-

Know your policy numbers, agent, contact telephone numbers, etc. This is also great information to put in your emergency kit.

-Have an evacuation plan-

If your home or property is threatened by floodwaters, be sure you know the best way to safely leave. The Albany County Sheriff's Department is prepared to come get people who become stranded. If you decide to leave your residence, be sure to alert authorities so they don't risk their lives to get to an already empty home.

Remember, personal safety is the highest priority. The best way to guarantee your safety is to prepare for the worst in advance. In an emergency, call 911. For Albany County flood updates, call the Information Hotline at 307-721-5300.

Beth Young at Albany County Public Health is coordinating volunteers. She can be contacted at 307-721-2561.

The City of Laramie's website has a page dedicated to flood water safety information here.