A bill which has passed first reading in the Wyoming House of Representatives would double the current fees for getting a driver's license in the state.

House Bill 219 would, for example, increase the fee for getting a regular Wyoming Driver's License from the current $20 to $40. All other license fees, from learner's permits to Commercial Driver's Licenses would increase by 100 percent.

The bill's supporters say it costs the state $54 to issue a driver's license, so even at the higher rate the state is having to partially subsidize the cost of issuing the licenses. But opponents say doubling the cost across the board seems extreme. There is also some opposition to increasing WYDOT fees without also cutting costs.

The bill was the second proposal passed on first reading by house members Friday that would increase the fees paid by state motorists.

House Bill 218 would increase the state fee for registering a vehicle by 2/3, from $15 to $25. Both bills are slated for second reading in the house on Monday, and would need to pass a third and final reading after that before being sent on to the state senate.

Those proposals come as the state continues to battle declining revenues caused by low energy prices and an overall downturn in the state economy.

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