A home compliance check by Casper police officers and Probation and Parole agents Thursday night led to the arrest of an exotic dancer on probation for making terroristic threats who had a number of steroids in his home and SUV.

Jamal Singh Hans, 29, was arrested for felony possession of performance-enhancing anabolic steroids.

Court documents say officers arrived at Hans' home at about 8:45 p.m. Thursday to conduct a compliance check. His probation agent believed Hans was not complying with the terms of his probation.

Another man opened the door when officers knocked. He reportedly invited them inside. Officers gave Hans a portable breath test, which indicated the presence of alcohol in Hans' breath sample.

Officers searched the house and allegedly found a cardboard box containing the following:

  • Two nearly empty, 10 ml vials of Titan Pharmaceuticals "Trenbolone" anabolic steroids, with trace amounts of steroids remaining;
  • One 10 ml vial of Titan Pharmaceuticals liquid testosterone containing 2.9 grams of liquid testosterone;
  • One 10 ml vial of Titan Pharmaceuticals liquid testosterone containing 2.0 grams of liquid testosterone;
  • One 10 ml vial of Bio-Primo Mehenolone Enanthate containing 9.1 grams of liquid anabolic steroid;
  • One brown, glass ampule containing 2 ml of liquid cyclopentylpropionate anabolic steroid;
  • Several hypodermic needles;
  • Driver's license reinstatement paperwork belonging to Hans.

Officers also allegedly found a 10 m. vial of Titan Pharmaceuticals "Trenbolone" anabolic steroids containing 4.1 grams of liquid anabolic steroids, a schedule three controlled substance, in Hans' SUV.

When asked about the drugs, Hans allegedly said they belonged to someone else who wasn't in Casper. He reportedly changed his story a short time later and admitted to owning the steroids.

Hans allegedly said his body was his livelihood, as he owns his own business being an exotic dancer.

According to the affidavit, an officer knows that "in lines of work such as exotic dancing or bodybuilding, a chiseled, muscular physique is paramount and oftentimes those involved in such industries will feel the need to dabble in anabolic steroid use in order to increase success in their entrepreneurial endeavors."

Hans was arrested for possessing more than .3 grams of schedule three liquid controlled substance.

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