Looking for the perfect last-minute Halloween costume? Here are a few ideas for men who want to show off their Wyoming pride.

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1. Sheriff Walt Longmire - What better way to represent the Cowboy State than dressing up as our favorite fictional lawman? All you need is a brown duster, a brown cowboy hat, a badge and a gun.

David Settle, Townsquare Media

2. Coach Craig Bohl - If you own a University of Wyoming polo shirt, this costume is quick and easy. Of course, you'll need to either shave your head or find a skull cap.

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3. Cowboy Ken - Save some time and money by painting the bucking horse and rider on a plastic garbage can. Strap it to a pair of suspenders or elastic, thrown on a cowboy hat and make sure to put on underwear.

Carl Court, Getty Images

4. A Jackson Pollock painting - This Wyoming-born artist is considered one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. For this costume, build a sqaure wooden frame, print out one of Pollock's many masterpieces and be prepared to explain the techniques of abstract expressionism.

Michael Smith, Getty Images

5. A Teenage Bottlerocket - On ode to the Laramie-based punk band, just go to the fireworks store, get a pack of bottlerockets, paint some pimples on your face, spike your hair into an old-school punk rock mohawk and you'll be ready to rock.