A minor league journeyman and short-lived big league pitcher, Dirk Hayhurst might not be the first person you would pick to be a New York Times Bestselling author.

He received the distinction two years ago upon the release of his novel "The Bullpen Gospels," a book which chronicled his trying journey in the minor leagues and debuted at #19 on the Paperback NonFiction New York Times Best Sellers list.

Now, Hayhurst's has returned with his second novel, "OUT OF MY LEAGUE: A Rookie's Survival in the Bigs." The second book follows Hayhurst as he achieves great personal and professional success yet finds himself greeted with equal challenges along the way. A well-reviewed book, it is officially published today, and offers unique, insightful, emotional and humorous takes on the life of a professional baseball player.

Last week, Hayhurst was kind enough to come on to Sportsline Live to discuss the book, some observations he made in his time in the major leagues regarding our sports-driven culture, and his ongoing playing career (currently taking him to Italy). You can listen below to the audio from last week's interview:

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