COVID-19 hospitalizations at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center continue to climb as Omicron variant cases surge.

According to a CRMC Facebook post, the hospital had 43 COVID-19 patients on Monday, up from 26 the previous Monday.

Of those hospitalized, 16 are not vaccinated and 27 are fully vaccinated. Two of the three in the ICU are also fully vaccinated.

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The hospital also lost three patients to COVID-19 between Jan. 24-30, two of whom were fully vaccinated.

Statewide, COVID-19 hospitalizations have nearly tripled since Jan. 2, 2022, when they fell to 56.

Wyoming hospitals had 165 COVID-19 patients on Monday, the highest number since Nov. 15, 2021.

According to the Wyoming COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Dashboard, last updated on Jan. 25, there have been 301 vaccinated hospitalized cases and 1,599 unvaccinated hospitalized cases since Jan. 1, 2021.

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