The Larimer County Sheriff's Office unveiled the damage assessment of the Cameron Peak Fire on Saturday (Sept. 12).

So far, the largest recorded fire in Larimer County history has destroyed 54 structures in its first 31 days of burning. Specifically the fire has destroyed 25 residential structures and 29 outbuildings.

Two additional structures reported damage but were not classified as destroyed. Larimer County Sheriff's Office said there may be more damage not yet reported.

All property owners have been notified of their damage — Our thoughts are with them.

The Sept. 12 official report has the fire still at 102,596 Acres.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said this in a press release:

"The snow was certainly welcome and made an impact on the fire, but it also slowed the assessment process.  Many people worked very hard to access these areas, complete assessments, and get word to the owners with damage as quickly as possible.  I can only imagine how devastating the loss of a home or property to wildfire must be.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.”

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How The 2020 Cameron Peak Fire Has Grown


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