Wildfires burning in the Mountain West often don't carry with them good news as people lose their homes, livelihoods or even their lives.

But in a bit of reprieve on the Shale Creek Fire burning in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, forest service crews were able to pass along a bit of good news to sheep ranchers.

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According to the federal incident management website, InciWeb, firefighters working the fire had an unexpected visitor — a "young, lost hungry, but otherwise healthy sheepdog was found wandering near the line."

According to InciWeb, the dog apparently got separated from its owners as sheepherders moved them downhill away from the fire.

"After a hike, then a ride out on a support UTV, he was reunited with his owners that night," the update states. "Hopefully he'll be back with his flock soon."

Shale Creek Closures 

Teton National Forest has issued a closure order for the Shale Creek fire that includes access trails and roads. The closure is in order for firefighters to work with aviation in rugged terrain without putting the public at risk.

According to InciWeb, firefighters made "significant" progress on the fire Tuesday. It's grown minimally since then thanks to both air and ground crews.

Currently, hand crews, smokejumpers and helitack crews are camping remotely and will need significant air support for resupply and reconnaissance.

The next update will come July 24 barring significant changes.

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