When it comes to Laramie and summer one thing that quickly comes to mind is wedding season! The Snowy Range as well as the surrounding area is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding, but what about fun and entertaining places for a bachelor party? Well here are my top five places you might want to venture out to that will provide you with a memorable time that you'll never forget all while celebrating your buddy's big day to come!

The Beartree Tavern is a great place to go to get out of town and do manly things that you're supposed to do during a bachelor party! What could possibly beat a day in the mountains? Think about it? Plan ahead, pack some fishing poles, plenty of beer or other preferred beverages some food and tunes and you'll be set for a day in the Snowies. After an action packed day filled with bro time then just head to the Beartree Tavern! But make sure you have a responsible driver! Once your at the Beartree you can play pool, listen to live bands, drink and if your hungry try one of their pizzas! Like I said, what could beat a day in the mountains with your buddies!

If you are wanting to stay in the city limits then look no further! The Library is my favorite restaurant in town and they brew up some amazing beers! They tent to get really good bands to play there to! So plan ahead, bring the bachelor party, enjoy some great drinks, live music and eat the best food in town. If you want to have a down right great time then the Library is your place to celebrate!

If you are a local, or hardly know Laramie then I'm sure you have heard about Altitude! Altitude also brews their own beer and if your looking to rent out some space so you can enjoy a night of fun with your bros then Altitude is the perfect place to have a bachelor party! You can reserve their back room and enjoy some space to yourself, because we all know how bachelor parties can get! Enjoy their handcrafted brews and enjoy your night knowing you are just blocks from the downtown bars!

As we all know there are two bars in Laramie that are the talk of the town. Both have dance floors, multiple bars and great music. When it comes to a bachelor party though you have to go with the Buckhorn! They too have live bands on occasion and you can also enjoy their live dj's in the parlor located in the upper level! If you are wishing for a Vegas bachelor party but cant afford it then try out Laramie's version! The Buckhorn is an odd bar to say the least, from the two headed cow on the wall to the noose hanging from the ceiling. But if you want hip hop music and maybe a few girls to dance with here and there then the Buck is a sure shot! Just don't tell the bride!

The Cowboy Saloon is a great pick, if you like country! The Cowboy has four bars and a huge dance floor and is capable to providing you with a unforgettable time. Like the rest of the places I've listed they too have live music, just make sure you know how to swing dance! If you have any country in you, then you are sure to enjoy a wild and unforgettable night. Just a word of advice, make sure you stretch because the next day, after a long night of dancing and celebrating your friends wedding you are bound to be a little sore!

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