Several alpine lakes near Laramie were stocked with trout with the use of a helicopter by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department on Thursday, August 7.

A helicopter is the preferred choice for alpine lake fish stocking as it provides easier access to the lakes and is less stressful for the fish. According to the Wyoming Game and Fish, the use of a helicopter allows fish to be stocked in just minutes, resulting in a high survival rate.

Helicopter stocking is normally conducted in even numbered years in the Snowy Range. Small fingerlings are stocked to allow the helicopter to handle the largest possible number of fish.

According to the Game and Fish, the following lakes were stocked in the Libby Flats area of the Medicine Bow National Forest:

Bear Lake: golden trout
South Gap: Bear River cutthroat trout and rainbow trout
East Glacier Lake: Bear River cutthroat trout
Golden Lake: Bear River cutthroat trout
Shelf Lake #1: golden trout
Shelf Lake #2: golden trout
Albany South Twin Lake: Bear River cutthroat trout

Most alpine lakes in the Snowy Range require anglers to hike to them as they are very scenic areas. Many of Wyoming’s high country lakes do not support a reproductive population of fish. This makes it necessary to stock these lakes periodically to provide a great fishing experience for backcountry anglers in the state.

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