Halloween isn't the only big thing happening on the 31st... it's the last day to apply for preference points.

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If you're looking to up your odds of another notch on the ol' hunting license, you can still purchase preference points.

"Residents and nonresidents can build points for moose and bighorn sheep; nonresidents can can acquire elk, deer and antelope points as well," says the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

Youth can also apply for preference points when they are eleven years old at the time of submitting a preference point only application, and must be at least twelve years old by December 31 of that year.

To submit an application, visit their website. 

What are preference points?

These are points that improve a hunter's odds of eventually drawing a license in a hard-to-hunt area for: moose, bighorn sheep, elk, deer and antelope.

In the draw, 75% of available licenses in each hunt area are allocated to the preference point drawing.

The remaining 25% are given out by random drawing, regardless of preference points.

"Every applicant is in the preference point drawing even if they have no preference points. After the preference point drawing is completed, all unsuccessful applicants will then participate in the random drawing."

There are different fees for preference points; for example, for a resident moose, the cost of preference points is $7. A nonresident moose costs $150.

For more information go to the Game and Fish website. 

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