Laramie County School District 1 will no longer be sending out weekly press releases regarding positive COVID-19 cases, the district said Friday.

"For information on active cases in the district, please refer to the COVID-19 dashboard on our website," LCSD1 said in its weekly update.

Friday's announcement comes just one week after the district reported a whopping 100 weekly COVID-19 cases, and just four days after the Board of Trustees voted to lift the mask requirement for students and staff (beginning Jan. 24) and reduce COVID-19 quarantine requirements.

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"We understand many of you have varying perspectives regarding these changes," Superintendent Dr. Margaret Crespo wrote in a Jan. 12 letter to LCSD1 families. "Some of you may support masks and more stringent health protocol while others may support loosening the protocol."

"Please know we are trying to meet everyone’s perspective," she added. "As we navigate this situation, we will continue to follow our regular illness guidelines and update based on the latest suggestions from the CDC and Wyoming Department of Health."

Laramie County has seen 1,270 lab-confirmed cases in the past 14 days, and as of Friday, had 545 lab-confirmed active cases, according to Wyoming Department of Health data.


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