A bill the would try to enforce existing state law on doctors reporting abortions passed the Wyoming Senate on a 20-9 vote Monday afternoon.

House Bill 103 had previously won approval in the Wyoming House of Representatives. Wyoming has had a law on the books since at least 1977 requiring doctors to report any abortions in the state, but supporters of HB 103 say it has largely been ignored.

If it becomes law, the legislation would call for the reporting of doctors who fail to report performing an abortion to the state medical board, which has the ability to levy fines of up to $25,000. Supporters of the bill say it also improves privacy protection for women who receive abortions in the state.

Opponents of the legislation argued in both houses of the legislature that the bill is unneeded and intrusive. Supporters claimed it was not an anti-abortion measure, but rather an attempt to improve the state's medical record-keeping and enforce existing law.

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