The Wyoming House of Representatives has passed a bill that would mandate a 48-hour waiting period for abortions, except in medical emergencies.

House Bill 140 passed by a 36-22 margin, with two absent, on Friday afternoon.

House Minority Floor Leader Cathy Connolly [D-Albany County] took to the floor to argue that the bill interferes with what should be a personal decision between a woman and her doctor.

''I'm sorry, but the notion that we would put in our statutes that a woman 'needs to sleep on it' concerns me," Connolly said.

But House Speaker Steve Harshman [R-Natrona County] said that as he has gotten older he has learned the value of taking time with important decisions. ''Those things stay with you forever" Harshman said. ''And I think to sleep on it a day or two is really important."

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