Why doesn't the Laramie Police Department enforce the illegal use of the intersection at I-80 and US 287 southbound? The merge lane for 287 north is not a turn lane access to Skyline Drive.


"Vehicle traffic exiting eastbound I-80 at Third Street has three options. First, they can proceed southbound on 287 in a merge lane. They can also stop at the end of the ramp and turn left to go northbound into town. The third option is to legally merge across both southbound lanes into the left turn lane and make the turn onto Skyline. This is a legal action which must be signaled and completed safely. While white solid lines on any roadway 'discourage'  movement across them, those movements are not prohibited. Another option is for drivers to stop at the stop sign at the end of the ramp and then make a right turn onto 287 and signal across both southbound lanes into the left turn lane. Because of the short distance between the intersection and the left turn lane, this movement is not necessarily safer."

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