Two Wyoming residents died last week after their pickup truck was hit by a commercial vehicle on U.S. 287 south of Laramie.

Harvey Besneatte, 71, and Robert Besneatte, 54, were both wearing seat belts but died at the scene of the crash, according to a report from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

The Patrol says that on Thursday, May 21, the Besneattes were in a Dodge Ram 2500 southbound on U.S. 287. Shortly after 11 a.m., the Dodge -- driven by Harvey Besneatte -- pulled to the right shoulder of the highway, across from a private drive near milepost 403, and attempted what investigators believe to have been a left-hand U-turn.

However, Harvey Besneatte evidently didn't see the commercial truck that had been following a short distance behind the Dodge.

The commercial truck driver tried to avoid the Dodge by maneuvering into the northbound lane. However, the combination unit hit the driver's side of the Dodge in a broadside collision.

The pickup was pushed off the road to the left, where it went into the borrow pit and rolled over onto its roof.

The driver of the commercial vehicle was not injured.

Driver inattention on the part of Harvey Besneatte is being investigated as a contributing factor in the crash, according to the report.

Weather was clear and the road surface was dry at the time of the wreck.

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