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QUESTION: Who is responsible for snow removal on the Greenbelt and why do they do such a lousy job? Many times there are plow marks well off the path while the path itself is not cleared. Snow is allowed to compact into ice, creating treacherous conditions.

ANSWER: The City of Laramie Parks Department is responsible for snow removal on the Greenbelt trails. Trucks with plows are used to move most of the snow off paths that can handle a wider vehicle. However, sometimes plows hang out over the path shoulders and can cause scarring on turns or when snow accumulation hinders the driver’s line of sight. Staff are reminded to stay on the pathways as to keep the native vegetation unharmed and to keep tracks to a minimum. The Greenbelt path is not on the weekend priority list and if snow occurs over the weekend, the paths are not plowed until the following Monday. This can cause packed snow and ice situations if the weather does not melt it off. Staff monitor weather reports daily and if an appreciable amount of snow is expected, then they come in and plow all locations. The Parks Department understands how this can cause issues with pedestrians and bike traffic at times and apologize for any inconvenience. Our staff continually strive to provide excellent service and appreciate your reporting of concerns with our Greenbelt path snow removal efforts.

QUESTION: There are lots of trailers and motorhomes that are more or less permanently parked on city streets in neighborhoods like the tree area and around schools. I walk and cycle a lot and even driving these trailers and motorhomes make it difficult to see on-coming traffic. Is it legal for these opaque lumps of steel to be parked for days, weeks or even months on end without moving? If it isn't legal, can the police start ticketing them so that they get moved and make travel on the streets safer?

ANSWER: Per Laramie Municipal Code, it is legal for RVs and trailers to be parked on city streets, as long as they are parked according to code.

City of Laramie Municipal Code: 10.36.330 – Recreational vehicle, trailer—Parking permitted in certain places. "In addition to the limitations specified in this chapter, recreational vehicles and trailers may be parked in the street only if the area in which any such vehicle is parked is immediately and entirely adjacent to real property which is owned and occupied by the owner of the recreational vehicle or trailer. No more than one recreational vehicle or trailer may be parked in the street per residential property owner." ( Ord. No. 1717 , § 1, 9-6-2016)

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