Although a number of communities in the southeast corner of Wyoming enjoyed record high temperatures, including Cheyenne, Torrington and Wheatland, the state was also hammered with accumulating snow at the higher elevations and battering winds across much of the rest.

Snow totals included 7 inches in Fremont County, 9 inches in Lincoln County and 15 inches at Jackson Hole. The Snowy and Sierra Madre ranges also got snow accumulations and winds that created limited visibility and icy conditions that affected travel during the day and into the nighttime hours.

The big news yesterday though was the wind and the speeds that blew over trucks and trailers, uprooted trees and relocated topsoil from one county to another. The peak wind gust happened in a place that is well acquainted with big winds at the speed of 103mph at Clark, Wy. In Park County they also saw 94 mph winds along the Chief Joseph Hwy but that was just the start. Many areas of the state were 50 mph+ and other areas even windier. Here is just a sample

Wolcott Jct 91mph
NW of Buffalo 89mph
Arlington 83mph
12 N Kaycee 84mph
Bordeaux Wheatland 80mph
Outer Dr Casper 79mph
Douglas 77mph
Encampment 71mph

And that is just a few of some of the speeds that we saw yesterday. More wind is expected today although some of the high wind warnings have been cancelled. The good news is we weren't at Monarch Pass in Colorado yesterday where they saw a peak gust at 148mph! There is always a silver lining.

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