No doubt, one of the best parts of living in Wyoming is the low population. Not having to worry about people living on top of you is great. Just, the amount of space that we have makes living in Wyoming awesome. It's something that most other states don't have and they honestly don't know they're missing out. That's fine as well. Let them be in the dark.

A guy on Tiktok showed a graph that had each state's population and how it fluctuates over the last 100 years. You see larger states like New York go from being the most populated, to everyone moving out west. When I say out West, I mean California.

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There is growth in Washington state as well as Florida, but most of the population relocated out West for the most part. It basically looks like you're taking air from one balloon and putting it in another.

One balloon that was left alone, and you probably guessed it, was Wyoming. The population did not change over 100 years! It's kind of incredible. If you're looking at the video and keeping an eye on the Cowboy State the whole time, or as much as you can, you can see it just hold steady.

The TikToker does point it out at the end and he makes a big point about it, which, it's pretty different from the rest of the country, so, yeah, I'd be like, oh, wow, as well.

Here, you can check it out for yourself. It's a good watch.

What do you think? Are you happy with our 0.2 percent population? Kind of makes me chuckle. I love it.

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