In the immortal words of South Park's Eric Cartman, they're not fat, they're big-boned!

One of my favorite past times when scrolling through TikTok is to look at different trail cams across Wyoming. You never quite know what animals or creatures you're going to see strolling through a trail late at night, or even during the day.

This particular trail cam was set up where a grizzly had been recently, while the cam didn't capture a grizzly, it did capture a very popular member of the Wyoming wild. A raccoon. There were several raccoons, actually. When you see them stroll through, they might be the fattest raccoons that I've seen in recent memory. That's not fat-shaming, those guys are well fed, wherever they're living in Wyoming. They even showed a fat skunk. So these animals are clearly eating well.

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Check out the video for yourself.


See! Just take a look at those raccoons! The mule deer shots are pretty great in this video, as well. One of them looks like they see the trail cam and are kind of posing. Well, maybe not an actual pose, but it's a great shot of the deer, regardless.

These are some of my favorite videos to watch. You never know what you'll get to see on a trail camera video. I mean, this time it was a pack of fat raccoons, but what next? Grizzlies? Other bears? Moose? Bigfoot? The sky is the limit. And it really is just a coincidence whether or not something will get picked up.

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