LARAMIE -- Yes, we're open! If you hurry, you may still be able to order a cold glass of lemonade from Laramie's newest entrepreneurs.

Head down to the corner of S.15th and Steele Streets, where you'll find four young businessmen who want to keep busy and make a little extra money.

From left, 7th-graders Thomas Walters, Cole Peterson, and August Pearce, and 6th-grader Oskar Neubauer said business was really good, having made over $30 just in the morning.

They also do lawn-mowing, and from what they told this reporter, they'd do just about any odd job to earn some dough.

"We get off from school for the summer, but we get tired of sitting around. So we went to work," said Cole.

What plans do they have for their new-found income? Thomas, Cole, and Oskar are looking forward to Laramie Jubilee Days. Gus said he won't be in town that week.

"I'll probably spend it all on the carnival rides," Oskar said. The other two nodded in agreement.

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