A family vacationing in Yellowstone National Park had an encounter with a black bear that seldom have experienced.

The video above shows a family who were enjoying a vacation in Yellowstone National Park. The family was safe in their vehicle, or so they thought, when an American Black Bear approached the side of their car. As they should of, the family remained in the vehicle, but the black bear decided to invite itself in. The bear did not appear to be overly aggressive, but the family quickly shut the door and drove away before finding out. There were no injuries reported from the incident, but this is one memory the family will never forget.

This has been quite the year for Yellowstone National Park. Tourists have been loading wild animals into their vehicles, others have been wandering off pathways and boardwalks damaging the fragile landscape, and one man has even lost his life due to ignoring the rules. Please be smart and safe when visiting the park.

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