American Flags? People taking off their hats to pray before that racist National Anthem Plays? Then to make matters worse people cheer as men come riding out on wild animals!

Are those oil wells and coal mines? Why is everyone driving a big gas or deiseal belching pickup truck?

Don't they know that cowboys are a racist symbol? Why is almost everyone dressed like one? Why are so many people carrying GUNS?

Any person who considers themselves to be "woke" should be warned before they enter the state of Wyoming. 

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Woke is used by people who believe they have woken up to a greater sense of awareness in issues that concern social justice and racial justice and other social disparities such as discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, women, immigrants, and other marginalized populations.

Perhaps Wyoming needs to come with a warning sign for people entering the state.

WARNING: You are now entering Wyoming. A free state.

WARNING: Freethinkers beyond this point. Herd mentalities are not understood.

How about - WARNING: People clinging to their guns and Bibles.

WARNING - We have cowboys.

WARNING - The people of this state believe that America is a great country.

WARNING - Wyoming is for Capitalism.

WARNING - The people of Wyoming are not easily offended and do not care if you are.

WARNING - Wyoming. We hunt, we fish, we like it.

WARNING - If you consider yourself "woke" you will be offended by the way people live in Wyoming, and we don't care.

And just to throw one more in to tweak them: Wyoming, our coal is powering your electric car.

Here are some that listeners sent in:

Warning: You are being warned about the warning. Any further warnings will warrant warning of the warning you were warned about! This is your only warning!

Warning: In Wyoming, we do it our way.

Warning: We don't care how you do it back home.

Warning: Consider us armed --  all of us.

Warning: Sponsored by Wyoming funeral services motto and advertisement, "Feel free to pet the bears we'll be there for you."

Warning: You are not at the top of the food chain here!

Warning: Wyoming It's not all Jackson Hole.

Warning: We are full please turn around.

Warning: Our animals will kill you!

Warning: Your urban lifestyle will get you killed here.

Warning: We live by the motto... Hold my beer...

Warning: In Wyoming, we appreciate manly men.

Warning: GPS got you lost? Ask the guy on the tractor.

Warning: Turn around and go back where you came from.

Warning: In Wyoming, Your feelings won’t be considered

Warning: High winds are normal.

Warning: This is Wyoming we do not need your goofy thoughts so keep driving.

Warning: Wyoming is an open-carry state... and we don't mean beer.

Warning: Consider everyone armed.

Warning: Wyoming is backwards and disturbingly proud of it.

Warning: Objects may seem farther away than they appear.

Warning: Ammo being in short supply has forced us to eliminate warning shots,

Warning: We've been where you're coming from... that's why we're here... act accordingly

Warning: There's a reason why we have the lowest population

Warning: We believe in truth, justice, and American values.

Warning: Cowboys Crossing

Warning: To those whom are offended by words, turn around.

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