Estately did a study based on Google Trends to determine what each state was searching for the most.

Wyoming apparently searched most for conservative social and political commentator, writer, and columnist Ann Coulter.

According to the survey, other things Wyoming Googled often were: The Constitution, Crank, Rush Limbaugh, Sheep, and Socialism.

No matter your political affiliation, I think Wyoming made out alright, considering Pennsylvania's most searched for item was "Back Shaving."

Other hilarious search results:

New York: "Sniffing Glue"

Arizona: "Conjugal Visits"

Texas: "Do I Have Herpes?"

Maine: "Cat Pics"

Ohio: "Racoon Hunting"

South Carolina: "Nudist Colony"

Washington: "Unicorn Tattoo"

Maryland: "David Hasselhoff"

Georgia "Butt Implants"

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