Time magazine recently published a list of the most popular baby names in each state, based on Google searches conducted during the last year. Here in Wyoming, Logan is most commonly searched name for boys while Matilda is the most searched for girl's name.

Michael, James and Avery were the most searched boys names nationwide, according to the study. The most popular searches for girls names in the country were Elizabeth, Olivia and Emma.

Of course, even though a parent might search for the meaning of a name doesn't necessarily mean that's the name they will choose. On Friday, the Social Security Administration announced the most popular baby names of 2014.

In line with research from google searches, Emma and Olivia were the most commonly chosen girl names last year. For boys names, the google search data did not correlate with the most commonly chosen names. Noah was the most popular boys name, followed by Liam. Check out the full list of Most Googled Baby Names By State here and The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 here.

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