At the west end of Alcova lake is an entrance to the original river channel of the North Platte River that was carved into solid rock over the years, a place we call Fremont Canyon.

Fremont Canyon actually starts just below Pathfinder reservoir and winds its way through the rock lined walls for about 2 miles with fishing, rock climbing and a picnic spot as well as restrooms all accessible from the road that follows the canyon. However below the bridge and climbing areas is a part of the canyon the leads to the Fremont Power Station and is only accessible by water from Alcova lake.

The Fremont Power Station itself is powered by water from Pathfinder reservoir that is run through a 3 mile long, 18 foot wide tunnel and is converted to power that is fed to Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. It was originally built in the late 1950's and has had several upgrades since then.

Other sights along the canyon include rock arches that have been carved out of rock by the water and the wind over the years and a figure carved by nature on a rock face that resembles a map of the United States.

Brian Scott,Townsquare Media
Brian Scott,Townsquare Media

We know that many people will take a boat ride up the canyon for the scenery and the fishing, but we also know that many have never had the experience. We hope you enjoy our adventure.

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