In the later half of 2020, Alcova Reservoir in Wyoming was drained down to the lowest water level since its creation, in order to perform much needed maintenance on the dam.

Bringing the water down to such low levels was bound to reveal a few hidden things, and folks have been more than curious to visit the now lower water edge to see what might be found.

While there, I met with a couple of gentlemen who described an inscription into the rock that was made barely above the water level just before the dam was first put into service.

In the photo above, you can see the date: 4/17/38. 

Construction of Alcova Dam began in August of 1935 and was completed in 1937. The water began to rise, slowly, through 1938.

Photo donated by Anonymous (3)

The initials P.A. are clearly seen in the above photo. Imagine how much work it would have been to carve the entire name. I'm sorry that he could not. I would have like to have known him.

If the date of the inscription is 1938, then that makes these markings 82 years old. I imagine the author to be long gone.

Photo donated by Anonymous (1)
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The gentlemen who found the markings also took these photos. He prefers to remain anonymous and preferred that we not tell where these markings can be found. He doesn't want anyone to deface them.

Once the work on the dam is done, the water level will rise again and these markings will not be seen until long after you and I are gone.

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