Everywhere else listed in the video below was a region of the United States that is considered "empty."

The entire state of Wyoming made the 6th most empty region. THE ENTIRE STATE!

This is not just because of the lack of people but also the lack of infrastructure, including cell service and roads of any kind.

Geography King is a Youtube page that looks for interesting features and facts about our little blue green planet.

In an episode posted back in 2018 the host wanted to look at the least populated areas in the United States.


Examining the Top 15 emptiest parts of the U.S. I look at the parts of the country that have the fewest number of people over a large area. These are places with little to no development, few if any roads, and few if any farms and ranches- just true wilderness. If you're a city slicker or suburbanite, you may be surprised at just how much of the U.S. is empty and remote. This is true middle of nowhere. (Geography King). 

To be fair the entire states of Montana and Alaska were named too and for the same reasons.

Other areas mentioned in the video are huge parts of the United State that are so remote there are not even any towns are roads.

There is a massive area in Washington state that Bigfoot must love. Just nobody out there.

Neil Bangs/Mike Konstant, Fay Ranches.com
Neil Bangs/Mike Konstant, Fay Ranches.com

Many areas around the nation are empty of human live because they are desert regions. There is just no reason to live out there.

Other regions are lush and vegetated but because of the landscape the region is very hard to develop and live in.

The only place that is listed on the east coast in Maine.

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