The Cavalry has arrived.

Wyoming Medical Center announced that eight men from the 153rd Airlift Wing of the Wyoming National Guard have deployed…to right here, in Casper.

The airmen will be offering their services and expertise to Wyoming Medical Center in a variety of ways over the next few weeks, as part of WMC’s Pandemic Response Team. They will be helping out primarily at the Respiratory Symptom Screening Clinic, but will be used as needed elsewhere, as well.

The 153rd wing is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming and, out of the eight men, four are from Colorado and four are from right here in Casper, Wyoming.

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“It feels awesome to help Wyoming Medical Center,” said Command Chief Darren Nogle. “While we do deploy overseas when called, the core of our mission is to represent and serve our state. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me because, while this is my fourth active duty assignment in Wyoming, it is my first time serving my hometown. And that is really important to me, as I’m sure it’s important to the other members as well.”

The deployed servicemen include Airman 1st Class Eric Soholt of Denver, Airman 1st Class Jarett Wing of Casper, Staff Sgt. J.D. McDaniel of Colorado, Airman 1st Class Justin Carson of Castle Rock, Airman Aaron Bennett of Casper, Staff Sgt. Dan Klietz of Casper, and Chaplain Damon Stage of Littleton.

These men are joining a team of heroes at Wyoming Medical Center and we thank them for their service and dedication to keep Casper healthy and safe.

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