The Wyoming House of Representatives has voted to consider a bill that is aimed at curbing what some feel are over-reaching federal environmental polices.

The Joint Resolution would amend the state constitution to allow Wyoming to refuse to use state employees or resources to implement federal polices deemed by the state to be unconstitutional.

One of the bill's sponsors, Gillette Republican Rep. Scott Clem, admits the proposal can't over-ride federal laws or policies, and can't stop the federal government from implementing those policies.

But he says it does tell congress "You're going to have to pay for your own stuff."  He also says it sends a strong statement to Washington "That we're sick of being bullied."

Clem says Wyoming  gets roughly $1.9 billion annually in various federal funds. which he admits is "a big deal." But Clem says he personally thinks the state would be better off if it weren't so dependent on federal funding.

Whether the federal government might retaliate against the state by cutting some of those funds--and what the impact of that might be--is unclear at this point.

Because the proposal would amend the state constitution, it would have to be ratified by voters before taking effect.