All teams will be competing at the Simplot Games this weekend at Idaho State University.

Simplot Games at Pocatello, ID (Idaho State University) - February 16-18:

Final Standings of those in the finals (Saturday, February 18):

Boys 60-Meter Dash: Lamont Frisby - Kelly Walsh (3rd place), Jared Spaulding - Kelly Walsh (17th place)

Boys 60-Meter Hurdles: McCade Johnson - Laramie (3rd place), Dawson Cooley - Cheyenne Central (17th place), Caige McComb - Kelly Walsh (5th place), Jacob Esposito - Gillette (14th place)

Boys 200-Meter Dash: William Nolan - Cheyenne South (5th place), Roman Smith - Laramie (8th place), Brady Erickson - Cody (18th place)

Boys 400-Meter Dash: Cory Myers - Gillette (14th place), Logan Myers - Gillette (10th place)

Boys 1600 Sprint Medley Relay: Rock Springs (7th place), Gillette (9th place)

Boys 3200 Meter Run: Wesley Kallgren - Star Valley (6th place), Garret Condelario - Natrona (10th place)

Boys 4x200 Meter Relay: Cheyenne East (2nd place), Kelly Walsh (3rd place), Rock Springs (10th place), Laramie (11th place)

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay: Laramie (2nd place), Gillette (8th place), Cheyenne Central (11th place), Star Valley (12th place)

Boys High Jump: Reid Baty - Laramie (12th place tie), Brayden Parker - Cheyenne East (12th place tie)

Boys Long Jump: Adarius Gallon - Cheyenne Central (12th place)

Boys Triple Jump: William Nolan - Cheyenne South (2nd place)

Boys Shot Put: Maxwell Myers - Sheridan (23rd place), Cody Allen - Cheyenne South (14th place), Ryan Kienzle - Gillette (25th place), Kaden Johnson - Star Valley (26th place), Logan Harris - Cheyenne Central (4th place), Eric Lundgren - Cheyenne Central (9th place), Brandon Green - Natrona (21st place), Jayd Culey - Gillette (20th place)

Boys Pole Vault: Colten Galambas - Gillette (10th place tie), Gavin Holman - Cody (7th place tie)

Boys Weight Throw: Kaden Johnon - Star Valley (8th place)

Girls 60-Meter Dash: Sydney Holiday - Cody (14th place)

Girls 60-Meter Hurdles: Marie Doherty - Gillette (17th place)

Girls 200-Meter Dash: Hannah Dunbar - Natrona (16th place), Janice Hall - Star Valley (17th place)

Girls 400-Meter Dash: Kelly Moodry - Gillette (7th place), Ashlyn Erisman - Gillette (13th palce)

Girls 800 Meter Run: Bailee Radakovich - Rock Springs (22nd place), Breila Fuller - Evanston (14th place), Pippin Robison - Sheridan (17th place), Emma Brownell - Cheyenne Central (20th place), Caitlin Casey - Gillette (24th place)

Girls 1600 Sprint Medley Relay: Cody (4th place), Rock Springs (6th place), Gillette (9th place)

Girls 1600 Meter Run: Molly Olsen - Natrona (7th place), MacKenzie Marler - Cheyenne East (4th place), Claudia Miller - Cheyenne Central (13th place), Hannah Behunin - Evanston (17th place), Emmy Johnson - Laramie (12th place), Sydney Wendt - Gillette (33rd place)

Girls 3200 Meter Run: Aubrey Frentheway - Cheyenne Central (6th place)

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay: Gillette (6th place)

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay: Gillette (5th place), Rock Springs (9th place), Star Valley (11th place)

Girls High Jump: Eliza Morin - Green River (13th place tie), Marie Doherty - Gillette (13th place tie)

Girls Long Jump: Janice Hall - Star Valley (16th place)

Girls Shot Put: Maddison Dedic - Kelly Walsh (10th place), Courtney Smith - Rock Springs (9th place), Jordan Fink - Gillette (7th place), Greta Villareal - Gillette (4th place), Shantell Gladson - Gillette (5th place)

Girls Triple Jump: Leila Martinez - Evanston (3rd place), Hannah Dunbar - Natrona (11th place)

Girls Pole Vault: Lily Joslin - Cheyenne East (5th place tie), Emily Hooge - Sheridan (23rd place tie), Eve Johnson - Cody (23rd place tie), Ashlyn Erisman - Gillette (23rd place tie), Kayla Stibley - Natrona (23rd place tie)

Girls Weight Throw: Courtney Smith - Rock Springs (8th place), Davyn Williams - Rock Springs (10th place), Sara Thompson - Rock Springs (13th place tie)

Wyoming Teams Participating: Gillette, Sheridan, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne South, Laramie, Kelly Walsh, Natrona, Rock Springs, Green River, Evanston, Cody, Star Valley, Big Horn, Big Piney

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