As we have seen and tasted time and time again, Wyoming has some great beers that are made right here in the Cowboy State. We literally had a taste of several of those earlier this summer at the Wyoming Brewers Festival in June. But what about a brewery that also provides plenty of scenery, along with some adventure as well. It turns out Wyoming has just that. And it is one of just a select few across the country that was picked as having a 'great brew with a stunning view.'

Given that summer time is the time of year to take a road trip or two, recently Fox News picked six spots throughout the country that make up their list of 'Great Brews with Stunning Views'. Sure enough, Wyoming has one of those. And if you're so inclined, you can actually camp at this particular spot, which is at Ten Sleep Brewing Company.

Despite the small town of Ten Sleep having a population of just 270, the surrounding red cliffs are definitely a sight to be seen. Especially given its proximity relative to the Big Horn Mountains. Not to mention, it has some pretty awesome beer, highlighted by its Speed Goat Golden ale, which is a 'light beer with a honey finish'.

Not only do they have the amazing red cliffs around but they often have plenty of live music on a regular basis.

The spot looks like it's an amazing must-visit or must-plan road trip for that matter.

As for another spot that made the list, Breckenridge Brewery in Breckenridge, CO also made the list. As someone who's been there, while it does have some nice mountain views in the background, I prefer a spot that also has on-site camping like Ten Sleep Brewing Company.

Either way, it's pretty awesome that Wyoming has its very own 'Great Brew with a Stunning View'. We should all take advantage of it more. After all, they're pretty rare throughout the country.

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