When I think about domestic beers and beers that are the most popular when I'm out enjoying an adult beverage, I would think Wyoming would be on the Coors train. I mean, they're close. Sure, Budweiser has that plant in Fort Collins, but Coors has been within a drive of Wyomingites since it first hit the market. I mean, they even made a movie about how people out east really wanted it(Smokey And The Bandit).

So, when I think about what the Cowboys drink in Wyoming, I'd think that we would all drink Coors. According to some Google Analytics, we're not on team Coors.

Well, What Is Wyoming's Favorit Beer?

The most popular beer in Wyoming is Budweiser, according to data from the website Zippia. It doesn't feel very original, Anheuser Busch is the largest beer company on the planet, so it shouldn't come as a total shock. But, it still feels like we're in Coors Country.

Obviously, our friends in Colorado do put Coors as their favorite, as do the fine folks of New Mexico, but that's it. No other Coors lovers in the country. Most everyone else is either a fan of Budweiser or Corona, which, that's fair. Budweiser was the most popular beer in 27 states if you were wondering.

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They also said we consume over 6.2 BILLION gallons of beer a year. Very impressive. If we're going to be good at something, at least it's drinking beer.

What do you think? Are you surprised Wyoming's most popular beer is Budweiser and not Coors?

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