The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has implemented a new raffle system for the new year.

Hunters now have the opportunity to win either the Super Tag or the Super Tag Trifecta. The Super Tag allows hunters to choose any one of the 10 species that belong to the trophy and big game categories. If a hunter wins the Super Tag Trifecta, he or she is allowed to choose three of those 10 species.

Robin Kepple of the Game and Fish Department explains some restrictions:
Robin Kepple on Restriction

Kepple also says that if a hunter is successful in winning either of the tags, then they will not lose their preference points. Tickets for the Super Tag are $10 each and the Super Trifecta Tag tickets are $30 each. There is no limit on the number of raffle tickets hunters can purchase.

Tickets are on sale through the Game and Fish Department, and the deadline to purchase both raffle tickets is May 1, 2014.



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