The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is reminding those who come across baby wildlife to leave them alone.

“The chance to see newborn wildlife is one of the best parts of springtime in Wyoming," said Game and Fish Biologist Will Schultz. "But please view animals from a distance and do not pet or pick them up.”

“With all animals, the first few weeks of life are the most critical in determining their survival and interference from humans can most definitely put their lives at risk," he added.

Schultz says people who find baby animals without a mother nearby often assume the newborns have been abandoned, but that's rarely the case.

“The mother knows where her young are and will almost certainly return to care for them,” he said.

Schultz says getting too close to baby wildlife can also be very dangerous, as mother bears, bison, moose and even deer will display aggressive behavior when humans get close to their young.


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